Sports History


The first recorded “formal/official” sporting event at Canyonville Christian Academy was Field Day, 1945, an intramural all-day, co-ed track meet held on East Campus.

Records of the event indicate that it included all-school marching drills, loudspeaker music, and such crowd pleasers as a sack race, 3-legged competition, and a spin-around-the stake event in addition to a full slate of track and field events.  The first recorded competition with other schools came in 1946/7.  In that first year sports included basketball and softball for boys and volleyball for girls.  A year later the basketball team posted a gaudy 7-1 win/loss record and became CCA’s first-ever winning team.



During CCA’s first two seasons of interscholastic sports (1946/7 & 1947/8), the boarding school went by nickname of “Cobras”.

Legend has it that “Dad” Shaffer, the school’s founder, then put his foot down and said “A Christian academy should not have a snake for a mascot.” According the the school yearbooks, the next two years the CCA teams were known as the “Crusaders”.

It was in 1950/1 that the school settled on the name of “Pilots“. Given that we are nearly 100 miles from the nearest navigable waters, the exact thinking behind the choice has been lost to history.  Speculation centers on the philosophical (Each of us is master/pilot of our destiny.) or perhaps it may be a reminder of our Christian heritage and the famous painting of Christ standing behind a young boy at the pilots wheel of a ship.

But whether you like or dislike our present moniker, at least we are not snakes.

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