Projects to Date

CCA Alumni and Alumni Association

Historical list of Major Projects

  1. Gymnasium
    -Major funding through a bequest of David Lobmaster, Class of 1947.
  2. Office Building
    -Building donated by United Faith Foundation; Al Wyrick, Class of 1950,
  3. Tennis Courts
  4. Paving of East Campus
  5. Round Table Room (now Weight Room)
  6. Library acquisitions
    – Approximately 2,000 books added since 2000
  7. Classrooms remodeled and new student desks added
  8. “Lady R” Memorial Fountain
  9. Innumerable scholarships and financial aid provided for families and students
  10. Decorative campus street lights
  11. Lighted campus wall and school sign on Main Street
  12. Dorm furniture projects
  13. Trophy cases (Auditorium)
  14. Commemorative granite plaques on buildings
  15. Six-figure donation in 1990 to cover operating deficits
  16. Athletic Hall of Fame
  17. Art of Campus:
    -Seascape Mural (Cafeteria)
    -Stained Glass Memorial (Chapel)
  18. Fireplace in Steak House (Teacher’s Lounge)
  19. Remodeling and re-roofing of the Auditorium
  20. Major Funding for “Power School” (computerized grading and attendance system for students, parents, teachers and administration.)
  21. Five-Figure donation for teacher pay supplement.  Also,many years of Christmas bonuses for teachers.

1. In some cases the project named was a joint endeavor of the school and the alumni. Listing does not imply that funding came exclusively for the alumni or the Alumni Association. However, all projects listed did receive major support from alumni.

2. Alumni, along with many friends of the school, have also provided generous support for various capital projects such as the building of Canyon Chapel, and the school’s auditorium/cafeteria and gym.

3. While the above list covers most major projects, there are certainly many, many others. Audio visual and sound equipment, athletic uniforms and equipment, cafeteria donations, funds for student activities and travel, etc. etc.

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