Rev. Joseph Prettyman

Rev. Joseph Prettyman, former CCA Superintenden in the 1990s,   passed away May 3, 2016 at the age of 94 years. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn

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June Goodwin Rose

June Rose, Class of ’50, passed away in January 2017. She made her home in Corvallis, Oregon and is survived by husband Bill Rose, also CBA Class of ’50.

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Rev Jim Andrews ’54

Rev Jim Andrews ’54 passed away in August 2016.  Jim dedicated his adult life to missionary work in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and was honored as a CBA/CCA alumnus of the year.

Keith Radford ’45

Keith Radford class of 1945 passed away October 15, 2016.  He was a long-time resident of south Douglas county.

Bob Dunbar ’45

Bob Dunbar, Class of 1945, passed away May 3, 2016. Bob was president of CBA/CCA from 1985-87 and was the grandson of Rev. A.M. Shaffer, the founder of the academy. He also served a number of years on the Board of Directors of CBA/CCA. Bob served his country during the Korean War and had a career as a […]

Buford Swanson ’48

Buford Swanson, alum from 1948 from Veradale, Washington, has passed away.

Harry Lawson ’55

Harry Lawson, Class of 1955, recently passed away.  He had great love of the school and often attended alumni reunions.  Harry lived for many years in the Salem, Oregon area.

June Shaffer Hoffman ’38

June Shaffer Hoffman ’38 passed away March 17, 2016.  It is believed that Ms. Hoffman, a long-time resident of Bakersfield, CA, was the oldest living alumnus of CBA/CCA at the time of her passing.

Diana Cox Wife Of Former CBA-CCA Principal-Teacher-Coach

Ray Cox, CBA/CCA  principal, teacher and coach in the 1950s and 60s, reports that his wife, Diana, recently passed away. We extend our deepest sympathies to Ray and his family and pray that our Lord brings him and his family the much-needed comfort and peace during this time.

Mike Mitchell (Staff – 1985 – 1990)

Mike Mitchell (Staff 1985-1990) passed away the first week of July 2015. Mike coached CCA girls’ basketball teams for five seasons.  Among the achievements of his girls were two district championships and a third place finish at the 1989 OSAA state tournament. His 50 wins over his last three seasons make him the winningest girls’ […]

Heidi Beck ’99

Heidi Beck ’99 passed away July 2, 2015.  While at CCA, she was May Queen and Salutatorian of her class and then went on to graduate from Oregon State University.

Shirley Cordray Vierra ’51

Shirley Cordray Vierra ’51 passed away May 27, 2014.  She was married to her husband Gerald for over 50 years and they made their home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Laurel Lawson ’75

We are sorry to announce that Laurel Lawson ’75 passed away Dec. 15, 2014. She made her home in Federal Way, Washington and was active in singing groups throughout her life.

Pinky Hubbard Herber ’52

Pinky Hubbard Herber ’52 passed away May 24, 2014.  She was married for 45 years to Harold Herber, also a CBA classmate from 1952. Together they went on an estimated 45 cruises and she was once held captive on a tour bus enroute to the Egyptian pyramids.

Stanley (class of ’51) and Mary Kessi Dodd (class of ’52)

Canyonville Christian Academy/Canyonville Bible Academy Alumni was recently informed of the passing of Stanley (Class of ’51) and Mary Kessi Dodd (Class of ’52). They made their home in Albany, Oregon for many years and both passed away in 2013.  Stanley was active in Christian broadcasting for many years.

Yvonne Engebretsen Heriford ’48

Yvonne Heriford passed away August 21, 2013. She was married to Ken Heriford, Also CCA class of 1948 and they made they’re home in Gresham, Oregon.

Shelly Jasper Smith ’79

Shelly Jasper Smith passed away August 13, 2013. She was mother to seven children, most of who are CCA graduates. Shelly was an accomplished musician and served as CCA choir accompanist for many years. She was also valedictorian of her graduating class. Below is a link to Shelly’s memorial service for those who weren’t able […]

David Cox

David Cox, Class of ’74, passed away in late February 2013. He was an accountant and resident of Roseburg, Oregon and is noted for achieving CCA’s record SAT score up to the time of his testing.

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Bertie Seavey

Bertie Cross Seavey, class of 1950, passed away in 2012. She had made her home in Lebanon, Oregon.

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Flora Mae (Slape) Snell ’48

Flora Mae of class ’48 recently passed away.  She made her home in Yorba Linda, California and was the mother of Keith Pearson, CCA class of ’76 and state champion in track and field.

Boyd Dahl

Boyd Dahl, former dean and head of school, is now pastor of The Basic Church in Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Adah Hixson Averyt ’45

Adah Hixson Averyt ’45 passed away February 3, 2012.  In recent years, she made her home in Dewey, Arizona.

Roger Adams ’52

Roger Adams ’52 died March 28, 2012.  His home in recent years was in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Bill Manwarren ’52

Bill Manwarren ’52 passed away in March 2012.  He was one of the legendary basketball players in CCA history.  At 6-feet 5-inches, Manwarren was a dominate center who led the Pilots to a 13-win 2-loss season in 1951-2. In an era when high school teams commonly scored 35 to 40 points in a game, he […]

Bev Arial Quakenbush ’64

We have received word that Bev Arial Quakenbush ’64 has recently passed away.

Ron Warren ’59

Ron Warren ’59 died Feb 8, 2012 after a 14 month battle with cancer. This word comes to us from Don & Alta Warren, CCA deans 1977-9, who now make their home in Winston – Salem, North Carolina.

Fern Lange

Fern Lange, former cook at CCA, and resident of Sutherlin, Oregon, died in December 2011. Three of her children ( Esther, Gordon, and Martha) are graduates of the academy.

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Theda Florence Oats ’54

Theda Florence Oats (non-grad) died December 14, 2011.  Theda made her home in Sacramento, California where she raised her beautiful family.

Randy Schuyler

Randy Schuyler, former CCA varsity basketball coach died November1, 2011.  Randy, a long-time sports official in Douglas county led the Pilots’s boys from 2000 through 2002.

Reverend Harvey Pullam

Reverend Harvey Pullam passed away away October 6, 2011. He served as an English, Bible, and History teacher at Canyonville Christian Academy from 1991 to 1993. After his time in Canyonville, he taught at Umpqua Valley Christian (Roseburg, OR) and was pastor of the Winston Christian Church for 13 years.

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Bill Burkhert ’65

Bill Burkhert, age 62, passed away September 4, 2011. Reverend Burkhert was a pastor in Oregon, Texas, and Louisiana and he also travelled throughout the United States as an evangelist.

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Wesley Brown ’54

Wesley Brown ’54 of Akron, Ohio died on April 24, 2011.  Our prayers and condolences are with his family.

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Joyce Ely Mayfield’s Husband

Joyce Ely Mayfield’s (Class of ’74) husband, Bill, passed away on April 10, 2009. They made their home in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.

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Muriel King Elsey’s Husband

Muriel King Elsey’s (Class of ’40) husband George passed away on April 9th, 2010. They lived in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada.

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Ginny Haymes Hill’s Husband

Ron passed away in Tacoma, Washington on January 12, 2010.

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