National Academic Awards

Exemplary Program Recognition is presented by the Association of Christian Schools International.

There are approximately thirty schools are recognized each year by this program.

Award #1 – 2001

Presented for a series of three symposiums hosted by CCA.

Among the nationally and internationally known featured speakers at these events were:

Pat Boone, iconic entertainer

Reverend Benny Hinn, international evangelist

Mark Victor Hansen, “Chicken soup for the Soul” series author

Neil Bush, business leader and son of president George H. W. Bush

Steve Ford, actor and son of president Gerald Ford

Bob Proctor, success and motivational leader

Richard Olstling, writer for Time magazine and Associated Press

Ed McAteer, “father of the Religious Right”

Paul Crouch, Founder of TBN television network and many others

The final night’s debate of the “Politics & Religion” Symposium was broadcast on the CSPAN television network.

Award # 2 – 2004

Presented for the instruction in competitive and real-world stock market investing.

From 1996 through 2003 CCA’s seminar class students won thirteen consecutive state stock market investing competitions.

(Ten times the Pilots went 1-2 or better)

The games were sponsored by the Securities Dealers Association of Portland, Oregon Economic Education Council, Portland State University, etc., and often attracted three-hundred or more competitors.

Since winning the national recognition in 2004, CCA has brought home six more Oregon titles in seven tries.

Course instructor Roger Shaffer has been a featured speaker at investor conferences in Toronto, Canada, and Washington D.C..

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