Valedictorians and Salutatorians

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1932  Robert Shaffer & Artaban Calame 1937  Hannah Olsen & Virginia Swindall 1938  Willa Elliott & Carl Jewel 1939  Verna Bokma & Margaret Woods 1940  Muriel King & John Jennison 1941  Esther Shaffer & Marilyn Mitchell 1942  Gladys John & Evelyn Goodwin 1943  Beryl Ferguson & Rosalie Hyden 1944  Elizabeth Oeltjenbruns & Viola Lake 1945 […]

Mayfest King and Queen

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ORIGINS OF MAYFEST The tradition of Mayfest royalty at CCA begin in 1946 with the crowning of Queen Kathleen Cole. In the early years the event was known as the May Day Celebration.  Along with recognizing the queen and her court, there was a parade down Main Street with floats and a marching band, a […]

Senior Athlete of the Year

2003 Reyna Quiroz 2004 Tess Banful 2005 David Seda & Han Ryu 2007 Brandon Min 2008 Kayla Stalford 2009 Kim Stalford 2010 Katie Lovato & Alex Mikue Mayfest Queens & Kings 1946 Kathleen Cole 1947 Carolee Carlson 1948 Ruth Hart 1949 Arcia Stump 1950 Marita Lewis 1951 Vera Mason 1952 Bonnie Shapiro 1953 Loretta Elliott […]

Ideal Girl and Ideal Boy

Ideal Girl and Ideal Boy awards are presented annually to the students who best exemplify the ideals of Canyonville Christian Academy in spiritual life, academics, leadership, and community living. 1948 – Marita Lewis & Leonard Smith 1949 – Marita Lewis & William Rose 1950 – Marita Lewis & James Lange 1951 – Mildred Rohde & Phillip Bunker 1952 – Nancy Linn – Marvin Owers 1953 – Delores Guthrie & Eugene Willis 1954 – Joy Fagerstrom & David Girdner 1955- Rachel Tiahart & David Lawson 1956 – Jane Smith & Dick Ellenwood 1957 – Sandra Hill & George Girdner 1958 — 1965 – No girl name available 1958 – no name available 1959 – Frank Cook 1960 – Frank Cook 1961 – Dave Durham 1962 – Conrad Anderson 1963 – Frank Smith 1964 – Lynn Gallagher 1965 – Marc Harding/Terry Barlow 1966 – Lydia Royer & Bill Weidman 1967 – Lois Pratt &... 

Newest Tidbits

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Brian Muyco is Thriving In College!

image courtesy of GCU Alumni Brian Muyco is an ambitious student that has not only done well here at Canyonville Academy, but has blossomed at Grand Canyon University. Brian came to Canyonville in his junior year.  While here at the Academy, Brian excelled in his classes and made many friends, whom he is still friends with today. In his senior year at this boarding school, Brian decided to apply to Grand Canyon University, and was blessed with a sponsorship for his tuition.  Today,... 

Esther Shaffer and Adele Esther's 95 birthday

Esther Shaffer

It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of Esther Shaffer.   Esther was the former vice president of Canyonville Academy and was the daughter in law of the school’s founder. Esther was married to Robert Shaffer who served for years as the president of the Academy. She was a lively, cheerful presence on campus for many years and was deeply loved by students and teachers.   Esther Shaffer’s Godly and positive attitude helped guide this administration. Her son,... 

Esther Shaffer 2018

UPDATE about ESTHER – July 8, 2018

July 8, 2018 – UPDATE about ESTHER “Mom continues to draw closer to heaven. No longer able to eat or drink. The doctor and nurse of hospice sense her time is short. But, of course, we only know God’s timing. Those who have been with her in recent days have been touched and created their own special memories in those moments. Coming to say a short good-bye is welcomed. Our number here at the house is 541-839-4896.”  •Adele & Roger•  Read More

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